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Welcome to Sonnesyn Elementary School, a warm, welcoming and positive school community that is committed to high quality teaching and strong relationships.


At Sonnesyn, caring and competent staff meet each student where they are academically and developmentally and foster learning through teaching, modeling and practicing.

We place an emphasis on strong reading instruction. Students engage in direct sound awareness and phonics instruction. They also learn to understand and enjoy what they read. We collaborate with experts, community partners and volunteers to improve and expand our literacy program.


Strong relationships and connections are at the heart of all we do! Sonnesyn uses restorative practices to develop and maintain relationships and connections.

Restorative practices increase student engagement and build academic and social achievement. These practices allow Sonnesyn to build relationships, problem solve, repair harm, and learn. In this approach, relationships are the most important way we learn about the world and ourselves.
A restorative practices school and community believe:

  • Everyone in the school community is good, wise and powerful.
  • We are all connected to one another.
  • All of us want to be in good, healthy relationships with others.
  • We all have talents and gifts we bring to school.
  • It takes time, habits, and support to build and maintain positive relationships.


Students who complete elementary school at Sonnesyn have the option of enrolling in Plymouth Middle School or Sandburg Middle School, both offering a rigorous and supportive education.

School pathways for Sonnesyn


At Sonnesyn we love our families! We value the wide array of beautiful cultures, races and definitions of family that make up our community. We believe that family involvement impacts student success and know that family involvement can look different from family to family. Children learn best when they know the adults around them are a team and that the team believes in them! We are committed to maintaining our connection with families through clear, regular and respectful communication. We also like to have a lot of fun! Our Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) sponsors many lively events such as BINGO, School Dance, Carnival and so much more!

School Improvement Plan (SIP)